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July 8, 2009

week 1 roundup

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We successfully used up most of our veggies before yesterday’s pickup.  Except the lamb’s stuff which I learned was actually called lamb’s quarters.  TheHusband and I both nibbled on a leaf and went, “huh, doesn’t taste like much” so I’m not sure what to do, at least I have more info for research.

On Friday, as planned, I finally made our first CSA meal (opposed to using a single green onion and radish in some salad), and it turned out well enough, not amazing but with good potential.  Instead of following the recipe I just used it as a guideline.  It turns out that bulgar is a great grain for hot weather cooking if you have an electric kettle.  Just pour some boiling water over it and let it sit.  I only had 4 tiny beets (think the size of radishes) and about 1 1/2 oz of feta, so I diced both of those and added it to 1 cup of cooked bulgar (leaving another cup or so in the bowl for another use).  Finally I tossed the now pink bulgar with ribbons of swiss chard and gave a squeeze of lemon juice and dash of olive oil over everything.  It was visually vibrant but  otherwise underwhelming, but served as lunch anyways.  I think more beets (and maybe feta) would have been a vast improvement.  Incidentally, TheHusband showed me a new trick to clean beet stained plastic cutting boards, he scrubbed it with a bit of Bon Ami before washing it.

Chard Beet & Bulgar Salad

Friday night we made fabulous grilled zucchini sandwiches.  These didn’t use any of our current CSA produce, but did use stuff that could have been CSA produce so I will do a separate post (I think they are worthy).  Here is a tease:


On Saturday I made a nice big green salad, using up our remaining radishes but no other CSA veggies.  It was your run of the mill salad with lettuce, radishes, cucumber, grated carrots and cherry tomatoes.

On Sunday we had a filling, late lunch out and then just at the leftover green salad for dinner.  So much for using the kale that night.

On Monday I made a simple kale & pasta dish that turned out nicely.  I washed the kale and chopped it fairly small (aiming for 1″ squares, but not precise at all).  I boiled whole wheat spaghetti and about half-way through the cooking time I heated a large saute pan with olive oil.  I added 3 smooshed cloves of garlic and good sprinkle of red pepper flakes and about 4 sliced green onions.  Once that was soft I added all the kale, gave it a quick stir and covered it.  Then just before the timer went off for the pasta I pulled about 1 cup of the pasta water from the pan (a metal measuring cup makes this easy) and poured about 1/2 of over the kale to help it wilt, oh and pinch of salt.  I drained the pasta, checked the kale (bright green, mostly soft but with a slight bite) and then added the pasta to that pan, tossing everything together (all the pasta water hadn’t yet evaporated).  6 oz of pasta and 1 small-medium bunch of kale made 2 generous dinner servings.


Right after making dinner on Monday I made another bulgar wheat salad for weekday lunches, this time with zucchini, mushrooms and parsley (oh an a few green onions – I’m just throwing those suckers everywhere at the moment).  That too will be its own post due to yumminess.


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