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August 26, 2009

Menu Planning

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As you might have noticed, I’ve slacked off with the menu planning.  And the lack of a plan has added to my cooking angst quite a bit.  I was at least keeping up with maintaining my white-board of produce that I keep on the fridge.  I snapped this photo Tuesday evening before I started cooking.  The various divided sections are all different weeks/categories of produce (FM, and three weeks of CSA produce).


Now that I’ve done combat with the fridge contents and have it down to a reasonable level (just in time for another camping trip, a camping trip in which we are only responsible for the meal that doesn’t need any produce, how’d we do that?) I cleaned up that white board and added a new catergory – leftovers.


Looking this over (and oh how I wanted to scrap Tuesday’s meal plan once I saw that fresh corn) I am brimming with ideas for cooking again.

  • This roasted beet, goat cheese and pistachio salad (why do I keep thinking it has honey drizzled on it?)
  • a mess of sauteed greens to use up all the dark leafy greens lurking in the fridge
  • a broccoli, cherry tomato and chickpea salad from Good Food Fast
  • something with the corn, maybe a corn and cherry tomato salsa?
  • I figure we will bring the pattypans camping and grill them (contributing veggies to another meal)
  • apple-blueberry muffins (we don’t list fruit on the white board, but I have a few blueberries and one apple that have seen better days)
  • zucchini basil muffins

This list doesn’t look too bad, until I remember that it could easily take us the rest of the week to just get through the leftovers we already have made (though that roasted beet salad is half-way in between as I roasted the beets while the eggplant torte baked).  Tonight we fend for ourselves (i.e. leftovers), tomorrow I’m considering the greens, a grain, and the beet salad, I’d like to add corn on the cob but that would probably be too much food.  Maybe the broccoli salad would work camping?


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