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August 18, 2009

end of july condensed

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raspberriesIt was hot.  I didn’t want to cook.  In fact one day I opened the fridge and all I wanted to eat was a bowl of raspberries, so I did.  Then I wondered why raspberries felt so decadent, perhaps it is because when I bought them in the grocery store I had to wait for those itty bitty half-pint things to go on sale, while when I buy them at the Farmer’s Market as part of a half-flat I can get them for 2.50 a pint, which makes my bowl of raspberries come in at a whopping $1.25, I know I’ve made meals that cost more than that per serving.  Plus a little restrained decadence is good now & then.

tacos7/30: took advantage of the crockpot and made a pot of black beans which became tasty tasty tacos with finely shredded cabbage, cucumbers, cheese, cilantro, salsa and soft corn tortillas (it is after all well above 90 and the kitchen would become hellishly hot if we tried to fry the tortillas)

vb cucumbers7/31: frozen TJ’s veggie masala burger with cucumber slices and cheddar cheese – my toaster oven to the rescue.  I try to keep some frozen veggie burgers and pitas in the freezer to make quick lunches, and I should remember how great cucumber slices are as a side-dish

veggie pan8/2: While at the Farmer’s Market I decide to make veggie pan bagnat.  It turns out the veggie pan bagnat is/are much better on baguettes than foccocia

CFTB saladI also picked up a few tomatoes at the farmers market and finally was able to make the long awaited cucumber-feta-tomato-basil salad (with this version turning out much prettier than last year’s version)

zucchini feta8/3: Things are cooling down finally.  I make a batch of confused leftovers with sauteed green beans, eggplant, red bell pepper, green onions and curry powder (not worth recreating) for lunch and then we finally make zucchini-feta pancakes for dinner (with mint from my own mint plant) and plain yogurt along side.

I still didn’t manage to make my planned indian “feast” or the crustless quiche with the chard I prepped last week.  Oh well.


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