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July 20, 2009

Stuff in a Bowl

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A few weeks ago Bread & Honey did this hilarious post on hippie chow (i.e. food in a bowl), and she is sort of right, but also it can be really good.  And we are almost back to that same veggie trifecta of grain + green + protein, with an endless possibilities of seasonings.  Okay, so there is no single protein element in my bowl, but I don’t think that is always necessary in every single meal (also I didn’t feel like opening a can of chickpeas since a whole can would be too much).


Today for lunch I had some dubious leftover quinoa from last week (why yes, it was a week old, which is my personal cut-off for non-meat items and I was in a let’s not waste food mood) with some sauteed zucchini (the singular small zucchini left from last night’s pizza), a bit of green onion and some mango-ginger chutney.  Anyways, it was quick and easy and delicious.  I just diced the zucchini, sliced a single green onion, heated a bit of oil, tossed it in the pan, sprinkled with salt and leftover crossover spice blend (plain cumin probably would have been fine too).  Once the zucchini was done to my liking I dumped it on top the cold quinoa and at the last minute decided this would be a good time to break out my jar of ginger-mango chutney.  Ta da:  Lunch.  The spices of the quinoa (cardamom and cinnamon) went nicely with the cinnamon-cumin-pepper blend of the crossover spice blend, but if you have plain grains (I think quinoa is quite nice cold, which is a bonus in the summer) the choices are almost endless.

To recap: bowl of cooked grains, saute some zucchini and green onion, season to your liken, dump over grains and enjoy.


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