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July 13, 2009

Garlicky Greens, Polenta, Poached Egg

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Last fall I ate this dish for brunch.  I was curious, if a bit dubious since I have a rocky relationship with eggs, but I’d read about egg and polenta for breakfast and I’d read about egg on a bed of cooked leafy greens so I decided to try it.  I don’t remember being enamored of the dish, but I enjoyed it.  This week I knew I wanted to make polenta to go with the bunch of kale; I never got around to purchasing blue cheese (one of my favorite combos) and this meal popped back into my memory.  It was nagging me, “make me, make meee”.  And so on Friday night, which turned out to not be date night after all, I made a half-recipe of polenta with butter and parmesan from The New Best Recipe – note even though you are having the recipe (3/4 c polenta and 3 c water), go ahead and use the 4 qt pan, I sort of splattered all over while I tried to gently pour the cornmeal into the pan.  I also made some garlicy wilted greens with the lacinto kale I go this week and I tried poaching eggs for the first time ever.  Surprisingly I got the timing almost perfect.  First you start the water to boil, and prep the kale while you wait, then you add the polenta to the water and stir.  When there are 10 minutes left on the polenta you start the pan for the kale.  And at 5 minutes left you start the pan of water for the poached eggs.  I actually removed the pan of polenta from the stove so I could move the egg pan to the front burner; so I could see letting the polenta sit for a few while you cook the eggs.

In retrospect, I’m not sure I really needed to add parmesan to the polenta – but cheese is one of my crutches for eating eggs so of course I decided to add the cheese.  Also, I think if you poach eggs you want really good eggs.  This week we have some fresh farm (pastured) eggs from a local farm.  For a non-egg-lover I sure will go out of my way for good eggs of course then I sometimes think that they are “too good” to use for random baked goods; but really I like to buy pastured farm eggs for the sake of the chicken as much as the fact that it is a superior product (not to get too high horse on everyone, I do buy grocery store eggs when I can’t get ahold of local eggs).

greens, polenta and egg

101 Cookbooks Garlicky Greens (not quite what I did, but close – I like to add a few tablespoons of water to do a mix of saute and steaming)


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