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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

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I find it a little bit sad that it took me 2 weeks to post that last recipe even though I brought my laptop with me during our christmas travels.  I am enjoying the food blogging gig as a way to track what we eat and sometimes inspire me to step out of cooking ruts and try new things purely for the sake of posting them.  I thought that I would be able to take the month of December off, or at least manage to do some sort of recap and fix errant tagging, and start fresh in January with a new focus – breakfast.  But there are still a few lingering CSA vegetables in my fridge (and freezer, but I believe I managed to write about those as they hit the freezer).  What is left, a good one month after the weekly shares ended?

  • one questionable turnip (I had to toss the other turnip out as it was a bit moldy – drats)
  • one questionable small head of red cabbage
  • one questionable smallish head of green cabbage

Soup would be an obvious answer to using up these vegetables, unfortunately my freezer is full and that includes at least 8 cups of soup from the past few months. We did manage to use the last of the carrots up yesterday in our veggie lasagna, but I really don’t think a layer of grated carrots in lasagna is enough to constitute a full blog post about using my CSA veggies.  Hopefully I’ll decide on a couple dishes very soon and it will be onto the breakfast cooking – that has better luck of being made during natural light hours.


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