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December 15, 2008

December 2: Greens and polenta

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I made a half recipe of the Bitter Greens with sour cherries using just kale and a wee bit of arugula (sadly most the bunch went south before I could use it and I salvaged what I could) and reheated my experimental frozen polenta.  

Experimental frozen polenta?  Well I made a batch of plain polenta as some point and had about two servings leftover, so I dumped it in a small square corningware dish and threw it in the fridge, figuring that I would grill it later in the week.  But that never happened so I decided to see how it would fare if I froze it and grilled it at a later date.  I removed it from the corningware, wrapped it in plastic, placed  it in a labeled freezer ziplock and threw it in the fridge.  I wasn’t thinking in advance and so when I went to make this polenta I put the bag in a bowlful of warm water to help thaw it.  I had to change the water a couple times and flip the bag over.  When I thought it was thawed I unwrapped the polenta and cut it into thick slices, oiled them and tossed them on a preheated cast-iron grill pan.  The few remaining water crystals melted, when I went to flip the slices they either stuck to the pan, fell apart or did both.  Wait, instead of sticking to the pan, the nice crispy crust stuck and the rest of the polenta slide onto the spatula.  Eventually I gave up on pretty grilled polenta slices and dumped all the polenta I could get out of the grill pan into an oiled non-stick skillet and stirred it all up.  Resulting in warm and yummy, but not very pretty polenta.  It looks all lumpy, though it didn’t actually have a lumpy texture in your mouth.  I think frozen leftover polenta has some potential but grilled slices isn’t the best reheating method.



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