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December 3, 2008

December 3: yet another variation

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I wonder how many variations on chickpeas and swiss chard I’ve made?  Tonight I tried to make quick rainbow chard and chickpeas over rice from Everybody likes Sandwiches.  The operative word being tried since tonight’s meal was really close to being a repeat of that poem in the back of collective cookbooks, the one that talks about making a raved recipe but tweaking every single ingredient (1 tablespoon of tomato paste turns into the whole can, etc.) and in the end shakes her head, unable to understand why everyone loved the recipe.  Okay, it wasn’t that – because I know better than to toss out a recipe if I’m the one making too many changes.

What did I change?  Onions turned into a leek, vegetable broth turned into water, and lime juice into lemon juice are my most aggregious substitutions.  But in the end it still turned out decently even if it didn’t photograph well; also I’m sure it would be yummier if I stuck closer to the recipe.


Quick Rainbow Chard and Chickpeas over Rice from Everybody Likes Sandwiches

eta: I actually managed to write this post the night I made the dish, I just had a backlog of other meals to write about and I really wanted to maintain chronological integrity throughout the blog


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