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November 7, 2008

November 6: Three of my favorite things

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Winter squash, rice and broccoli.  I am beginning to wonder if I am a freak.  I adore broccoli and most other things described as “dark leafy greens” and I adore squash, particularly winter squashes.  I generally stick to butternut squash and spaghetti squash although last fall I ventured into kabocha (wow, yum) and a couple others.  I thought I wasn’t as keen on acorn squash but this recipe has changed my mind – clearly it is all about finding the right recipe.  I thought that my mom did a good job of raising a non-picky eater but it turns out that my siblings are both becoming picky eaters and neither mom or I know why.  I can’t remember really truly turning my nose up at anything as a kid (it is probably selective memory working here and mom and other relatives could tell me foods I wouldn’t touch).  I never cared much for brussel sprouts, or salmon cakes with creamed peas but occasionally I find myself craving even those foods (perhaps not as mom made them; I like to think I found better recipes).  And yes there are a few things I won’t touch as an adult, for example, goopy mayonnaise creeps me out, but I’m not totally mayo averse, just goopy mayo averse but it is easier to get “no mayo” than “a very very thin layer of mayo please”…

I was very undecided about dinner tonight.  I wanted to use the beautiful head of broccoli we got while it was still in its prime, but I couldn’t figure out what to make with it.  At the last minute I remembered this chile roasted acorn squash and am so glad I modified my plans to include it.  I was a little worried adding a roasted veggie would add too much time, but since I turned the oven on as soon as I was contemplating the idea and the squash took very little time to prep and roasted quickly due to being cut up it all worked out.  If I had thought to start rice before turning the oven on I might have even been able to make brown rice, but instead that was a last minute addition so I went with white rice – I am glad I try to keep both on hand.


Chili-Roasted Acorn Squash from Everyday Food November 2007 (I used ancho chile powder)

Steamed Broccoli, cut into large-bite size pieces and steam until bright green.  I topped my portion with butter and spike.

rice, I topped with soy sauce, cause I like it that way.


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