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October 24, 2008

October 23: leek tart

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Actually, it is really quiche, but I made it in a tart pan.  Plus check it out – I made something from my meal planning list!

Whenever I get leeks I think of making a leek tart, and then that leek tart is never quite what I think it should be (I mean if it is bound by a egg-milk custard isn’t it a quiche?).  Next time I want to try out this Donna Hay recipe, which calls for puff pastry and ricotta.  This time I started with leeks and a little bit of remaining goat cheese, as well as a few cherry tomatoes, at the last minute I decided using up some red bell pepper would help easy the burden on my fridge (Wednesday I discovered a frozen leek and while I was making this I discovered a chunk of ice in the half-n-half).  Also, putting pie crust in a tart pan is much harder than I thought (I had to do several patch jobs around the edges) and it will take some practice.

Tarty Leek Quiche sort jumbled together from a variety of sources

  • 1 leek
  • handful cherry tomatoes, broiled for maybe 5 minutes
  • 1/2 red bell pepper diced
  • remaining chevre (2 oz?)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 c milk
  • salt & pepper
  • piecrust*
Set the oven to broil.  So you start by slicing the leek (or 2, my leek had a longer than usual white to green ratio) into thin rings and put all of those rings into a bowl of water and swoosh them around to get the grit out from between the leek rings.  I let them sit in the water until I needed them again.  It might take a couple batches of water.  Then you make the pie crust dough and toss it in the fridge while you finish your prep.  Now you slice your cherry tomatoes, sprinkle with a bit of salt and broil them until wrinkly, but not blackened (I checked first at 2 minutes then every minute, I had to remove one blackened skin from the lot).  Change the oven setting from broil to 375 F.
Now you grab that pie dough and roll it out into a nice big circle that will fit your pie pan (or tart pan) and place it in the pan, make the edges pretty, prick it with a fork all over the bottom, cover with foil and pour in pie weights (or pennies) and start to par-bake it.  Set the timer for… 10 minutes (and then another 5 or 10 minutes)*.  Now go ahead and finish prepping the veggies and the custard.  For the custard I simply beat 3 eggs together, added the milk, a pinch of salt, a few grinds of pepper and whisked it together.  Then I crumbled the goat cheese into the custard and stirred until there were no big lumps of goat cheese.  Finally I grabbed the leeks from the water, shook them dry in a non-linty kitchen towel.  I tossed the red bell pepper and tomatoes into the custard.
With the pie crust out of the oven filled the crust with the leeks, poured the custard into the crust and popped it back into the oven for about 30-35 minutes longer (basically until it looks done, just a wee bit wobbly in the center, and golden on the outside).  Finally we set the timer for 5 minutes after we’ve taken anything out of the oven so we don’t cut into it too soon or burn our mouths on super hot food.
*The idea of par-baking the crust came from America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (I haven’t decided if I like this or not), but I forgot to see how long to par-bake the crust, so I started at 10 minutes and then checked it every 5 until it looked mostly done at the surface but hadn’t started to color yet.

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