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October 22, 2008

October 21: Everday Food dinner

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I’ve started a project to create a personal index of my Everyday Food magazines, because inevitably I have to browse through all 11 issue twice before I find the one recipe that I was looking for.  Sometimes I have good luck searching on the Martha site, but too often her search feature picks up a little too much chaff with the wheat so to speak.  While I started this project (one issue down, ten more to go) I found a few recipes that would work with the contents of my fridge and make a cohesive meal.  Woo!  I did have to grab a couple things from the store (portobello mushrooms, leeks and pecans) but not too bad at all, the mushrooms were easily finished, the leeks easy to incorporate into another dish and the pecans are nearly a pantry staple.

Originally I was going to sub swiss chard for the spinach (I had swiss chard, not spinach) but it turns out that I didn’t manage to cook until after the CSA pick-up and we got spinach (and a leek, but I bought some that morning since I hadn’t thought of a suitable substitute) in our share.  So we ate portobellos with leeks and spinach, roasted plum tomatoes, and the rice pilaf used to stuff wild rice stuffed squash.  The mushrooms were tasty, the roasted tomatoes decent (I always expect roasted tomatoes to be more than what they are), and the rice pilaf was great.  Sadly this made a lot of dishes (leek cleaning, spinach cleaning, two cookie sheets and a pot for the rice).

Portobellos stuffed with leeks and spinach from Everyday Food Issue #14 (July 2004) 

Wild Rice pilaf in the Wild-Rice stuffed Squash recipe from Everyday Food Issue #47 (November 2007)

I did modify it slightly, using a “country blend” of rice that might have a wee bit of wild rice in it, and sauteing the rice for a bit so it was made more like a traditional pilaf.  Finally 6 oz of rice is just shy of 1 cup of rice, but next time I’ll just use a cup of rice.

Roasted Plum Tomatoes from Everyday Food Issue #18 (December 2004)


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