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October 13, 2008

October 10: Tacos, tasty tasty tacos

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Tacos are a favorite in our house.  In fact we when go visit my parents it is almost required that they make tacos (they have even changed their dinner plans to accommodate our visit and desire for tacos).  My parents do tacos better, because they take the time to fry corn tortillas into wonderfully fresh, crispy and crunchy shells.  We do not take time to do that… yet.

Tacos are also great for our crowd of diverse eaters since it is a build your own dish.  I prefer to cook dried pintos or black beans and then mash them for refried beans (sometimes I actually use oil in the process).  We grate cheese, shred lettuce, chop onions, tomatoes and sometimes cucumbers; Salsa is a must and sour cream is a tasty addition.  I love guacamole or slices of avocado but we only do that if I find avocados for a good price (or have a wicked craving).  Everything is set out on the counter in individual bowls and people heat their tortillas on the stove and grab the beans sitting on the burner.  This dinner managed to use up our remaining lettuce, cherry tomatoes and one onion from our CSA share.


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