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October 9, 2008

October 9: refashioning leftovers

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While I wasn’t overwhelmed by veggies this week but I was underwhelmed at the rate which we are eating my supposedly well-planned leftovers.  The trouchia/quiche that I thought had 4-6 servings was deemed to be 8 servings by TheHusband (and so far we’ve only eaten half of it).  The pasta bake has only been eaten as leftovers once as well.  While we finally made a dent in the trouchia/quiche, I think it is probably time to put the remainder of both dishes in the freezer.

I also finally started to use the lettuce we received during week 14 (and 13).  Did you know that you can revive wilty lettuce in a good soak of cold water?  You can, not all leaves will perk back up to their original state, but I’m always surprised by how well this trick works.  The other trick, to avoid wilty leaves is to store them in a closed moist but not wet manner.  Normally I would use a large ziplock with a papertowel, but when I refreshed the lettuce over the weekend I was out of paper towels and wanted to come up with a more re-usable method.  The usual suspect, my salad spinner, was still needed for other prep work, and my largest pyrex bowl already had tofu for potstickers in it.  Then I thought of my [former] unitasker, the round plastic cake server/saver; flip that sucker upside down and you have a huge bowl with a flat, sturdy and sealable lid.  I put a clean woven dishcloth on the bottom and then filled it with my freshly cleaned and dried lettuce.  Tonight I opened it up and the lettuce looked great.  Success (and washable too).

While I reheated 3 small slices of the trouchia/quiche in the toaster oven I made a salad with my refreshed lettuce, a beautiful red bell pepper from the farmer’s market, a cucumber hanging on by a thread and some cherry tomatoes (most of this stuff is just over a week old and still decent – a testament to how long produce can last if you get it really fresh and store it decently.  Then I made croutons from some leftover french bread bought on Tuesday for garlic bread.  Dinner was delicious.


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