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October 3, 2008

September 20: Use up those veggies

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One of the things I learned from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian is that kohlrabi can be similar to turnips (when it doesn’t get tough and fibrous anyway).  It is why I went ahead and used some of the kohlrabi in the minestrone; and it lead me to the idea of using in conjunction with potatoes for a kohlrabi-potato mash.  But what to serve it with?  Luckily I remembered my tactic of ordering from the side dish menu at restaurants lacking vegetarian entrees.  When I go to some place like Outback I’m likely to order a potato (mashed or baked) and sauteed veggies.  And so I grabbed a bunch of vegetables from the fridge and did a quick saute to go on top the mashed veggies.  My apologies for not including amounts in the instructions below, it is partially a matter of taste and partially a matter of “how much do I want to make”.

Mashed potato and kohlrabi with sauteed veggies

mashed potatoes & kohlrabi

Dice an equal amount of potatoes and kohlrabi, boil together in salted water until tender.  Drain and return to the pan with a chunk of butter (say 1 to 3 teaspoons per serving of mash) and using a potato masher start mashing.  Add a splash of milk and mash some more, if everything seems too thick add a little more milk – remember it is easier to add more milk than remove it.  Taste and adjust salt and pepper.  Mash until it is a consistency you like – I left our a little chunky. ( I also suspect that if I wanted a nice smooth puree that I should have boiled the kohlrabi separately and put it in the food processor.)  Set aside until the veggies are done

sauteed veggies

You want to start the prep while the potatoes and kohlrabi is boiling.  Grab a mix of veggies, really whatever you think sounds good together and however much you want to eat/serve.  I grabbed broccoli, red onion, summer squash, carrots and red bell pepper.  Wash and cut into evenly sized pieces (large bite-size is nice).  Keep each in their own pile (I separate the broccoli stems from the florets) because you will add them to the pan based on cook times.  Mince a clove of garlic (or two if there are lots of veggies).  Heat a skillet up and add a splash of oil, then add the onion and carrot and broccoli stems (the stuff that you want to cook longest) and sprinkle with salt and some dried herbs (I picked marjoram).  When it is just beginning to show signs of softening add the summer squash and bell pepper.  After a minute add the broccoli florets (I feel that of all the veggies I had, and the choice between slightly under and slightly over cooked the florets were best undercooked).  Then when they start turning bright green add the garlic.  When that is fragrant remove from the heat and adjust the seasonings if needed.  Serve on top the mashed potato and kohlrabi.


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