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September 21, 2008

Labor Day weekend: Camping Food

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I tried to make a camping meal plan that would incorporate as many veggies as possible.  I don’t think I was spectacularly successful but I tried. We also bring various snacks and drinks camping (like cheeze-its, peanuts, kettle corn, grapes, nectarines, soda and beer).

Friday Dinner

Tabbouleh, Hummus and Pita bread: used cucumbers, tomatoes (I don’t cut them until we serve it), parsley

Saturday Brunch

Breakfast Burritos: used none of our veggies as our camping cohorts make this meal

And morning tea thanks to the fabulous camp stove (theirs) and tea kettle (ours)

Saturday Dinner

Hobo packets: used carrots, 1 squash and part of 1 bell pepper (also bought an onion, a potato and garlic for this)


Hobo packets are our standard camping dinner.  When we ate meat we made smaller packets and grilled a nice sausage to go along with the veggies.  Basically I chop all the veggies into bite size pieces (including garlic to add a wonderful roasted garlic component), toss with some oil and seasonings (I think we used our Greek Seasoning blend from Penzey’s this time, as well as salt and pepper), pile into doubled heavy-duty foil, wrap into packets, and place on grill (or in the coals but our coals weren’t ready when we wanted to cook), flip a couple times, and then plate around 30 minutes later.  If you do nice neat folds in the foil packet it is easier to open for checking doneness and then re-close.

Saturday Dessert

S’mores of course, but it was too dark for pictures

Sunday Breakfast

Egg sandwiches: no veggies used

Sunday Lunch (eaten as a picnic half-way home)

leftover tabbouleh and hummus and pita


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