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August 28, 2008

August 26 dinner: cucumbers

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Very recently Laura at (not so) Urban Hennery asked what food bloggers (am I a food blogger?  I don’t feel like one, I just happen to be blogging about our CSA food this summer) eat when they aren’t blogging about it.  Now I do think this blog project has caused me to unintentionally create more elaborate meals than I do on a regular basis, but if the food I cook comes from the CSA then I blog about it (the other nights tend to be leftovers or something mundane like pasta with jarred sauce or nacho-craving indulgences).  If these cucumbers weren’t from the CSA I would have never ever blogged about it.

Well Tuesday night I wasn’t very hungry, was tired, didn’t feel like cooking, had a huge pile of produce on my dining room table….  Plus we now had oodles of cucumbers because I forgot we hadn’t eaten them from last week’s pickup and we got a gallon ziplock full from TheHusband’s mom’s garden when we visited her the week before and we got oodles more at this week’s pick-up.  So I “made” cucumbers for dinner.  Wash, slice, serve.  Add a little bowl of salt to sprinkle on to taste.  In the end that wasn’t all, but that was dinner.


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