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July 29, 2008

Snacking: Kale Chips

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I still had a big bunch of kale in my fridge.  And a few servings of the lemony broccoli pasta in the fridge were still around which meant pasta with kale and white beans was out (I’d also ran out of dinners for the week).  Since chrunchy & salty is a standard craving at my house I decided to try making kale chips.  Someone had mentioned them online and a quick google search turned up a bunch of blog posts and recipes from last summer (as well as a recipe for Kale Crunchies in my Vegetable Heaven cookbook).  The constants were: oil, salt and a 350 F oven.  I also decided to season half of the batch with smoked paprika and cayenne.  They are indeed crunchy and salty, in fact even though I used a lot less salt than called for (I’d read complaints of too much salt), I still think I could have used less.  If I make these again I will also be adding spices (but less cayenne) again.

Kale Chips

  • 1 bunch kale
  • 2 T olive oil
  • 1 t salt
  • smoked paprika or other savory spice [blend], opt.

Preheat the oven to 350 F and oil a baking sheet.  Soak the kale in a bowlful of water for thorough washing, then remove the tough stems and spin dry in a salad spinner.  Tear the kale into pieces (anywhere from bite sized to 2″-3″) and put half of it in a large bowl (to keep the tossing contained within the bowl I needed to do two batches).  Sprinkle the kale with 1 tablespoon of the oil and using your hands toss, well, making sure the kale gets coated nicely.  Sprinkle with salt and optional seasonings and toss again.  Place the kale in a single layer on the oiled baking sheet.  Repeat with the other half of the kale.  Bake for about 20 minutes, stir every 5 minutes and remove pieces as they reach the desired crunchiness.  I had to remove about half of one baking sheet 5 minutes before the rest of it was done.  Let it cool and munch.


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  1. Faro’s was one of our favorite restaurants back when Michael was working in west O. It’s closed now, alas. But while it stuck around, Faro’s boasted one of the most unique appetizers I’ve eaten in THIS town. Flash-fried spinach, salted and served with lemon to squirt over the platter of delicately crunchy “chips”. Mmm.

    Comment by Holly — August 10, 2008 @ 2:00 pm

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